How To Replace a Lost U.S. Passport

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by Passport Support, Staff

6 May 2016

How To Replace a Lost U.S. Passport?

Passports are considered as one of the most valuable documents that you will ever own. Many people lose their passport and it will simply cost them more than the application fees. A citizen that loses her or his US passport faces the issue of identity theft. This costs citizens billions of dollars each year. This can even take months and years to get the passport back or reclaim the credit ratings. In addition to this, US passport missing can increase the terrorist or criminal activity within the borders.

You can go for replace a lost US passport through various service providers. Despite taking additional precautions, one may find them in a situation their passport has been stolen or lost. How you go about renewal or replacement of passport? It is depend up on where you are while you came to know about the loss. In case, you are still in US when you found out the loss, rush immediately to report your stolen passport and your loss for the replacement. You need to follow few things for replacement of your US passport.

  • You need to fill the DS-64 form. You can get this form from anyplace which supplies passport application. You will need to fill your private information. DS-64 form contains queries regarding your stolen or lost passport. You need to fill out complete important details and more information you offer to the authority in the form, the better it is.
  • You need to fill out DS-11 form that is a standard passport application form. It’s a similar sort of form that you have filled first time when you applied for the original US passport. This form should be presented to the DS-64 form.
  • One should provide identification. They need documentation to supply same as they did earlier while applying passport for the first time. It includes certificate of US citizenship, birth certificate or driver’s license and other approved picture identification.
  • You can also apply for the US Passport Renewal Service in order to replace the passport or renewed it. These services provide quick and new passport replacement for you. You need to supply 2 new passport regulation pictures just like applying for the first time passport and passport renewal. One can’t apply for stolen or lost passport replacement through the mail. One should submit their documentation at the passport acceptance authority in person.

Report the passport stolen or lost complaint:

Make sure you report the passport stolen or lost complaint to the authority so that they take care of the issue and block your passport. If you’re an outsider and not a resident of US then you should contact immediately to the local US embassy and consulate again. It is very important to report your passport stolen complaint to be on a safer side. Passport can be made again with the same procedure that you applied for the first time but reporting is anyway essential.

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