The Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel to Ireland

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by Passport Support, Staff

July 29 2016

Ireland is a travel destination for nearly 7,000,000 people from all over the world in just one year! The country is known for its beautiful landscapes and delicious pints (of course!). The Irish influence has expanded to the Western world and incorporated itself into our media, food, and culture. However, before you arrive there are some things to know that will help you tremendously from embarrassing yourself. Ireland is not Narnia, there are no leprechauns, and “Top of the mornin’” are all things that may be humorous in media, but not to a true Irish person. Irish people are known to be very friendly but also very proud. Oh, and there are no visa requirements to Ireland. You only need to show up with your valid passport and you’ll be welcomed! Yes, the passport requirements for Ireland are really that simple for American travelers. So review the Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel to Ireland before your next trip to the Emerald Isle.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel In Ireland

1.) Don’t brag to an Irish person that you are Irish
Yes, it’s fantastic that your grandfather’s father’s mother was from Ireland, but that means little to nothing to an Irish person. Never try to argue with someone about your authenticity because 1) they don’t care 2) you’ll lose.
2.) Don’t use an umbrella or wear a poncho
Yes Ireland is known for being a particularly rainy country, but the moment you use an umbrella or poncho you will stick out like a sore thumb! Irish people tough it through the unpredictable rain, so embrace the culture and do so as well.
3.) Don’t order an Irish car bomb
Yes Guinness, Bailey’s Cream, and Jameson Whiskey are clearly Irish products that are very popular in America, but never order an Irish Car Bomb in Ireland. This order will probably bring up old wounds and result in you being kicked out of the pub or just completely embarrassed. Even if you think you’re worldly and want to order a “Black and Tan”, don’t do that either. Just don’t.
passport requirements irelandDO:
1.) Buy rounds by taking turns
It is true that Irish people are very friendly and love a good pint. You should be aware that usually when drinking with a few people that they buy their beers in rounds, so be ready to take your turn and maybe even offer first to get some respect from them.
2.) Understand the meaning of ‘Craic’
‘Craic’ (pronounced as “crack”) is something you will commonly hear in Ireland, but you must know they are not referring to the party drug but instead it translates to quite literally mean some good ol’ Irish “fun”. Be aware that this Irish-English language is a thing and they have so many slang and lingo words that may take you a few moments to decode.
3.) Know that Irish people curse a lot, so don’t be offended
Cursing and insulting people are just a part of the Irish way! Irish people are actually very welcoming and friendly people, but they sure do sound like a bunch of sailers so do not be offended or taken back when you hear this.
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