Travel to Finland: Passport and Visa Requirements

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by Passport Support, Staff
August 18th 2016

Travel to Finland Passport and Visa Requirements

Finland is a traveler’s paradise. Located in the far north east corner of Europe and tucked all the way up near Russia, this country is filled with untouched natural wonders and hip trendy cities that draw travelers from all countries across the globe. Finland Passport and Visa Requirements are fairly simple. For U.S. citizens, a valid passport is required. You will need to make sure you have at least six month’s of passport validity when visiting Finland. That means you will need to have a passport that has an expiration date of 6 months PAST the last day of your trip in Finland. You will not need a visa for travel under 90 days if you are an American traveler to Finland. The Finland Passport and Visa requirements are easy for U.S. travelers. Enjoy more visa free travel throughout Europe!

3 Landscapes in Finland You Must See Before You Die

From the vivacious art filled streets of Helsinki to the deep enchanting forests of the many national parks, Finland remains one of the hidden gems of Europe. The geography alongside the natural surroundings of this country serve as a playground for both winter and summer activities for traveler’s. Although the country is not large by any means in comparison to other EU countries, it is beautiful in its preserved nature scenes that traveler’s must add to their bucket list. Nature is a huge part of the Finnish lifestyle, so get on your hiking boots and explore the great outdoors at some of these best landscapes in Finland.
Finland Passport and Visa Requirements Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park1.) Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park
Of course if traveler’s are coming to Finland they want to experience the world’s most magical and beautiful natural sights: The Northern Lights. At Finland’s third largest national park, Pallas- Yllästunturi National Park, visitors can hike, ski, and be in the presence of the Arctic animals of the wild with a front row seat of the Northern Lights on the darkest of nights. Located on a nearly 100 km stretch of mountains traveler’s can explore the extravagance any month of the year which makes this an unforgettable journey traveler’s must take.


travel tips finland passport Utö Island2.) Utö Island in the Finnish Archipelago
If you want to get off the grid and get lost in the Baltic Sea, visit the island of Utö. This island is the southernmost inhabited island in Finland and can only be reached by a free five hour ferry ride. This particular spot is popular in the winter due to the way the nature takes its untouched course freezing over all the rocks and leaving a cloudy fog above the ocean it makes for a picturesque scene. However, in the summer the inhabitant count of 50 year round triples with tourist traffic. But how can we blame them seeing as visiting this Finish island truly feels like you are on the edge of the Earth.


3.) Koli National Park
Home to the real life inspiration for “Autumn Landscape of Lake Pielisjärvi”, the famous painting from 1899, the landscapes still look as breathtaking as it did in the early 19th century.. Koli, which is located in northern Karelian, is Finland’s most well known national landscape regardless of the season. This national park is home to the highest peak in Finland, the Mäkrävaara, at 253 meters. Even if traveler’s may not be up to the challenge of this climb they can enjoy the rocky summit of the Ukko-Koli Mountain soaring above, or canoeing in the waters of Lake Pielinen. Regardless how you choose to experience Koli’s beauty, it’s something nature lovers must see.


Finland Passport and Visa Requirements

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