As your passport pages fill up with visa stamps, you will find yourself needing to add more passport pages. But how can you add passport pages in 2019?

Add Passport Pages 2019

It used to be possible to add more pages to your passport. But in 2019 you can no longer add pages to your passport. If you are running low on passport pages, you will need to apply for a new passport. If your passport is in good condition, you can submit your passport for a passport renewal. Your passport renewal will be a brand new passport and your old passport will be returned to you. So you can keep your old passport as a nice memento of all your travels!

What is the 52 page passport book?

The standard passport has 28 pages but if you are a frequent traveler, you have a better option. For no additional fee, you can request the 52 page passport book. The option to choose the 28 page passport book or the 52 page passport book is on the passport application.

What are the fees to add passport pages?

The fees to renew an adult passport is $110 for routine service. Routine passport service is 4-6 weeks (or longer). If you want to pay extra to expedite your passport, the government charges an additional $60 fee.

The fees to apply for a new passport is $110 plus $35 to the acceptance agent. An acceptance agent is required for all new (and minor) passport applications. Usually at the post office or county clerk, the acceptance agent will verify your identity and documents. There is no way around this step for new and minor and replacement passport applications.

There is no option to just add pages to your passport in 2019. However, previously the fee was $82 to add pages. This is not offered anymore so please make sure you understand what you are applying for if you need a passport.

Expedited Passport Services to Add Pages

You can use our expedited service to get your passport with more pages. Your new passport or passport renewal can be expedited as quickly as 24 hours using our service. We work directly with the US Department of State to get US passports processed quickly. Additional fees do apply so call us today and we can help you get your passport fast!

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