Travel Austria: Passport Visa Requirements and More!

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Travel tips for Austria Austria is arguably one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations because it offers just as many memorable experiences for travelers in the summer as it does in the winter. With the Eastern Alps occupying over half of its territory, adventure seekers flock here year round to hike and explore the natural landscapes while some traveler’s opt to marvel at its beautiful castles under the heat of the summertime. Experience Austria’s duel personality and decide for yourself which is better between the breathtaking rural landscapes or the magnificent residential heritage sites. Here is the best of the rural vs the residential spots in Austria.

Travel Austria: Passport Visa Requirements and More!

A valid passport is a requirement for all travelers to Austria. A valid passport should have at least 6 months of remaining validity AFTER the last day of your international trip. That means it shouldn’t expire until you are back home. If you need a passport renewal, make sure to apply early or use an expediting service. You will NOT need a visa for Austria if you are traveling as a tourist. However we recommend reviewing the Passport and Visa App for up to date info on the requirements for every nation.

Travel tips AustriaRURAL:
1.) The Krimmler Ache Waterfall
Krimml Waterfall is the highest waterfalls in Austria and stands as one of the countries most visited attractions. It’s no wonder seeing as it reaches 380 meters (1246ft) high and is perched over a beautiful wooden valley which is a perfect pit stop for hikers. With various huts and shops along the way hikers can either opt to make this a day trip or take their time and enjoy camping along the way. The waterfall is located in the Hohe Tauern National Park and even at 6km away you can hear the roar of the water falling.
2.) Dachstein Salzkammergut and the Giant Ice Cave
Preserved as an UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dachenstein Salzkammergut region is a must see for adventurous traveler’s. This small village in Austria is home to Europe’s most impressive cavern networks which is an astounding 1,174 meters deep. Traveler’s will find a pleasant surprise with its sub-zero summer temperatures that house the Giant Ice Cave and it’s frozen waterfall. Below your feet sits the famous Mammoth Cave which connects with an ancient underground river. However there are equally as impressive views above ground where visitors can walk out onto a metal structure that hangs over a 400-meter drop that gives the best free views of the surrounding Alps.
1.) Schönbrunn Palace
Europe is known for their many palaces, yes this is true. However we promise you have never witnessed a palace of this caliber. The former imperial summer palace of Maria Theresa with 1,441 rooms offers much more than a beautiful spot for photos and a royal garden. Located in the capital city of Austria, the Palace Park offers an unexpected amount of attractions to visitors. Here traveler’s can see the oldest zoo in the world as well as a maze an labyrinth for guests to take on. This 17th century structure is a site traveler’s must see.
Travel to Austria2.) Hohensalzburg Castle
Strategically located at the top of the Festungsberg mountain sits one of the largest and most well preserved medieval castles in Europe. The castle sits over the city of Salzburg and gives visitors undoubtedly the best views of Austria’s skyline. The fortress is home to a special piece of medieval architecture of the “Salzburg Bull” which is an organ with more than two hundred pipes. Between its historical context and the views of the skyline this is one of the top tourist attractions in Austria.

Travel Austria: Passport Visa Requirements and More!

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